Difference between copywriting and content writing

Difference between copywriting and content writing

Copywriting and content writing are two digital marketing techniques that create written content with the purpose of engaging with the public, but they have certain differences. Find out what copywriting and content writing are, the difference between content writing and copywriting and their similarities.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is linked to marketing and sales actions and is responsible for writing persuasive texts of all kinds: e-mails, advertisements, content for websites or catalogs. The elaboration of the texts is known as “copy”, so those who work in this field are called copywriters.

This way of relating to the objetive public has a high informative component, but without forgetting that its purpose is to attract new customers by highlighting the positive aspects of the company: urgent deliveries, ease of payment, special offers, low prices, new products, product quality, etc.

The copywriter elaborates brief and not very specialized contents that can be attractive to a wider number of people. The form of writing will always try to convince the audience by creating a personal connection between them, it can use sensitivity or humorous tone.

What is content writing?

A content writing writes quality content always in a commercial tone, although it must also know some aspects about web positioning and how this can influence the writing of a text or copy.

Some of the aspects that a content writer takes care of during the writing process are the analysis of keywords that will be inserted in the text, the description and meta description, the Google optimization (SEO) or the number of internal and external links.

It can be said that content writing texts have a long format, although the media can be very varied: articles for blogs, advertising texts for newspapers and magazines, publication calendars for social networks, technical documents, internal texts for companies or newsletters.

Copywriting vs Content Writing

Similarities between copywriting and content writing

Copywriting and content writing may seem the same because they both write online marketing and offline marketing content for a company. The first similarity we can find between these two marketing techniques is the support, both can produce texts for digital media (blog, corporate website, collaborations with blogs and websites, magazines and digital newspapers, newsletters or specialized websites), or physical media such as internal texts for companies, roll-ups, magazines and printed newspapers.

Another similarity we find between copywriting and content writing is its purpose: to attract the public in order to make them notice the brand, improve its image or buy a product or service it offers.

Differences between copywriting and content writing

The differences between copywriting and content writing are not very big in practice because both have a common purpose, but the way of writing has certain differences.

The first difference we find is the length and specialization of the texts: the copywriter produces shorter and less specialized texts than content writing. We also see that the content writer is in charge of more technical tasks such as keyword analysis, the selection of inbound and outbound links of the texts and the writing of the description and meta description. The content writer has certain knowledge of web positioning that a copywriter does not always have.

The tone of the texts is different: content writing uses a commercial tone that captures the attention of customers, but copywriting also aims to appeal to their emotions using sensitivity or humorous tone.

Even with certain differences, copywriting and content writing are two complementary marketing techniques that can be used at the same time to relate to the public and create a quality link.

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